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First things first: there are no “right” answers when it comes to talking about gender and identity. We value the opportunity to include a diverse range of personal stories, and to facilitate an ongoing global dialogue about issues related to transgender identity and lifestyle. So please, join the conversation!

Here are some guidelines to get you started…

We envision as a a safe space for all kinds of people to learn about trans-related issues around identity, health, lifestyle, relationships, work and more. Think of us as an inclusive party where you can engage friends with questions you might otherwise be afraid to ask, or confessions that you want to get off your chest. We think honesty is one of the most powerful elements of good writing, and we particularly love submissions that invite readers to feel empathy and engage in self-reflection.

We genuinely believe that “honesty is the best policy,” and as part of that, we recognize that many people are closed-minded when it comes to learning about transgender folks. Our aim is not to express hostility toward those who need to learn, but to encourage writers to share educational content that is positive and down-to-earth. Of course, we acknowledge the fact that we live in a world filled with many forms of systemic discrimination and violence. But we also know that education is the best weapon with which to fight hate.

While some topics might require professional expertise, we also believe that personal experience is one of the most valuable when it comes to a topic as personal as gender identity. Of course, if you’re not a hair removal specialist and know nothing about it, you probably don’t want to write an article entitled “Questions to Ask Your Hair Removal Specialist.” But maybe you’ve done a lot of research and want to cite your sources. Or perhaps your experience with electrolysis feels like fodder for a personal essay . Use your judgment, and always check your privilege!

Now for a few specific tips:

  • How To’s: If you are going to write an article that seeks to give tips or offer any kind of imperatives to the reader, please provide actionable tips that help the reader walk away from the article feeling empowered to take action—whether that be about interior design, clothing, personal care routines and beyond.  Please remember that there aren’t “right answers” about self-expression, so when giving tips about a particular topic, remember to highlight your audience. For instance. if you want to write an article that shares your secrets on how to apply feminine makeup, note that there’s no universal way to be feminine, and qualify your tips with a statement like, “...if you are aiming to pass as high-femme.” Plus, not all people like wearing makeup—whether they’re cis, trans, non-binary, whatever.  

  • Personal Essays: When writing essays about yourself and your experience, try to hone in on something specific—an event, experience, person or turning point—during  your journey. Please try to communicate a sense of growth and self-reflection. While personal essays don’t necessarily have to be uplifting, we prefer stories that are framed by an overarching movement toward self-acceptance and empowerment.

  • Labels: Be careful with labels. We get that language can be tricky, but please recognize that globalizing phrases like “the transgender community” or “all women” are a bit misleading; there is not a singular transgender community, as every human is different and relates to their gender differently. Keep things individualized and pegged to specific examples whenever possible. Generalizations get us all into trouble sometimes.

Bottom line? We’re all about good vibes at We like writing written in an accessible, engaging tone. We know that some of the content on the site will be heavy, and that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But we want readers to walk away from the site feeling good, not bad. Keep it real, keep it honest—and try as best you can to keep it positive.

Some logistical reminders:

  • Keep it unique: As much as we believe that “sharing is caring,” won’t publish any articles that have been published or submitted elsewhere, including on your personal website or blog.   

  • Source all facts n’ claims: While we get that not everything is a sociological commentary, statistics and studies often help strengthen arguments or give context to an important issue. For example, if you’re writing about the fact that not all trans people get surgery, find a statistic to support your common-sense claim, because being trustworthy never hurts! When you allude to a study or state something as an irrefutable fact, cite your sources!

  • Be a reader and a writer: As you write your article, or perhaps after you’re done, ask yourself some critical questions about the piece before submitting. Does the title get your attention? Can you distill a main point from the piece? Do you feel good about yourself after reading the piece? If you’re answers are hazy to questions like these, you may want to dig back into your piece and clarify your objectives. Still curious about what we mean? The best place to start is to get familiar with content that’s already been published on the site!

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