My Life Transitions As A Transgender CEO (+ Other Tales)

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By Natalie Egan

I am so thrilled to have been invited to be a guest speaker at mindbodygreen’s #revitalize2016, an event that brings together experts in wellness.

It’s been inspiring to be here—a meeting of wonderful minds interested in health, spirituality, sex, and most importantly, what it means to live authentically.

That last item on the list has been of special importance to me lately as I continue onward in the biggest life transition I’ve had yet—my transition from male to female. Being trans has a lot to do with the question of authenticity—and the questions never stop coming (from others and even from myself).

As I’m sure many of you know, this process is NOT easy. But the mere fact that the challenges I’ve faced (and continue to) are slowly becoming fodder for healing stories is amazing. I am delighted to have gotten the opportunity to open up to revitalize attendees and mindbodygreen readers around the world—and now some of you, beautiful readers. I wish that anyone suffering from the difficulties of transition could tap into the ways that struggles can become deeper resources for cultivating resilience. It’s that building resilience that helps us be authentic, I think.

With that, please check out this video of my talk at mindbodygreen’s #revitalize2016.


Natalie J. Egan is a serial entrepreneur, trans rights activist, and a committed advocate of tech-based solutions to education. As an early employee of LinkedIn and the former CEO and Founder of software company PeopleLinx, Natalie is passionate about using technology platforms to connect individuals, organizations and companies in order to promote social engagement and learning. Today she serves as CEO of, a new, for-profit, technology and media company dedicated to creating transgender education for consumers, schools, businesses, and government organizations.