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For the week of June 27th-July 4th, 2016

NY Developer Hears Little Girl’s Cry To Buy House And Paint It The Colors Of The Trans Flag – We All Win

An openly transgender 8-year old girl named Avery Jackson is responsible for one of this week’s biggest wins. After learning that the rainbow colored house in Westboro, Kansas is painted the colors of the trans flag (pink/white/blue) for one week each year, she wished for a separate, new house to be purchased so that it could remain the colors of her community all year long. A generous New York developer got word of her public statement, and decided she could use a little dreams-do-come-true. He purchased the house outright, picking up the balance on Planting Peace's crowdfunding campaign via CrowdRise (more than 50k). AMAZING.

Who is this guy? Martin Dunn, that’s who, president of Dunn Development Corp., and someone whose good deeds predate this act of radical generosity. (Dunn’s latest initiative has been to get affordable housing secured in Brooklyn, NY). For now, here’s a big digital bravo to you, Mr. Dunn, for what you’ve done for Westboro and our country. Ironically, Westboro has generally been known for Westboro Baptist Church, a notoriously anti-LGBTQ community that lives across the street from the rainbow house.

Both the rainbow house and the trans-flag colored house are owned by an organization called Planting Peace, which works to promote LGBTQ visibility, and promote love as the only answer.

We searched, and the new trans house is now on Google Earth. Good to know that all this love is visible from outer space.

Data Gets Fixed – Number of Trans Folks in America Doubles

Speaking of Google, we know a lot more this week than ever—specifically about how many trans folks there are in America based on the newly released study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. The study says that the accurate number of trans folks living in America has DOUBLED. That’s 1.4 million people living in the U.S. who are openly trans!

BTW, Hawaii beat out California for the highest percentages of adults identifying as transgender, making it the most trans-visible in the nation. Who knew?

To reiterate, this number only reflects the number of adults who identify as trans and are open about it. A comparable youth-based study does not exist, and so the total number of individuals who are transgender in the U.S. is currently unknown missing the crucial youth demographic.

The survey only uses the term “transgender,” which does not allow for the current loosening of gender categories, and anyone who is identifying as nonconforming, non-binary or genderless.

Nothing Better Than Trans Folks in Uniform

We’ve come a long way from the early 90s—when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell came about, introducing one of the most awkward and stupidly conceived discriminations in our nation’s history.

This week, the US Military repealed its ban on openly transgender folks serving in the military. The lift of the ban is immediate, keeping all those who are trans and serving safe from discharge as of Thursday, June 30th.

However, any individuals wishing to enlist must live in a “stable” position in their gender for at least 18 months before he/she/they become eligible to enlist. We see a future, where even this “proving” clause is dropped as it mirrors the now-outdated idea that trans folks need to live for a year before being eligible for hormone therapy.

Dear Pentagon, as you draft this new guidebook for the military’s commanders and high officials, please know that we are here for you. Call us at!

First Trans Women Ever To Win Major-Party Nominations

No trans person has been a major candidate (nominated by the Democratic or Republican Party) for the House or Senate before, and no trans person has been elected to national office in the U.S. to date. Misty Snow (Utah) will take on incumbent Senator Mike Lee—a tea party darling—in November’s election, and Misty Plowright (Colorado) will take on U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

They’ve already made history, but let’s get out the vote, Colorado and Utah!

TC:  Promise Of A Golden Horizon

Last but not least, we at actually received BRILLIANT news this past week. We can’t share with you just yet, but let’s just say a little bit of history was made right here at TC. Stay tuned to learn of our glorious future...

That’s all folks. Quick summary:  this week we got a (literal) house, possible representation in the House; we doubled our numbers, and got the right to go to boot camp and serve the first female president. Not too shabby.