7 Role Models To Follow On Instagram Today

News + PoliticsCharlotte Lieberman

If you’re like we are, you frequently find yourself in an Instagram rabbithole at least some point during the day. Well, if it’s going to happen, why not be inspired in the process and approach your browsing with a little intention?

Here are 7 of our favorite Instagram accounts from a select group of trans-identified role models.

Sam Dylan Finch @samdylanfinc

Sam Dylan Finch is a writer, editor and the founder of Let’s Queer Thing’s Up! He’s also an amazing trans role model, especially around complex and sometimes prickly issues like mental health, body image and intersectionality. While there has been a surge of popular discourse around the question of body positivity, Sam’s writing consistently highlights how we need to bring trans folks—in addition to those who are disabled, overweight, non-white, and other in-between intersection—into the conversation. His Insta posts are honest and raw, but also lighthearted and fun.

Laverne Cox @lavernecox

Yes, yes this Orange is the New Black superstar is a mainstream, Hollywood example of a trans role model. But we still adore Laverne’s is not only pure glamor, but punctuated with poignant and reassuring quotations from some of Laverne’s own role models.

Chance Dupuis @ntvfitness

Think about the #fitspiration hashtag what you will, but this personal trainer’s Instagram account definitely counts as INSPIRATION. We love how Chance’s emphasis is more on his and his partner Joey’s fitness journey, rather than some of the more cisnormative ways that fitness tends to be fetishized on social media.

Angel Haze @angxlhxze

Rapper Angel Haze is one of the few non-binary folks who has become widely recognized in the public eye. While Insta has changed our access to images of celebrities, as we get to see their more private moments, Angel Haze’s feed is perhaps especially intimate, showing photos of family members with heart-warming and often vulnerable captions.

Gigi Gorgeous @gigigorgeous

Gigi’s Instagram is, well, nothing short of gorgeous. This vibrant makeup artist, actress and model documents her everyday life, glam Red Carpet shots and steamy selfies of alike. While Gigi’s YouTube channel initially gained recognition for her documentation of the transition process, Gigi’s Instagram is a bit less personal, bringing a sense of ebullience and fun to the projects of fashion, makeup and other forms of self-adornment. Regardless, Gigi is showing her authentic self, and frees us to realize that self-expression can be as out there, or not, as we want.

Blake Akbar @mosdefinitely__

Blake’s account is definitely a place to look for fashion inspiration–along with ideas for rad haircuts. You can consistently find sexy selfies on his feed (like on most of ours, to be honest), but that’s part of the reason his account fills us with confidence and zest for expression. You’ll also find some serene slice-of-life shots about Blake’s spiritual journey—smudging sticks and references to meditation, to name just two.

Rae Spoon @Raespoon

Singer-songwriter Rae Spoon’s Instagram is so many things—soothing, funny, and informative—sharing everything from lush landscapes to text messages screenshots to information about events, concerts and other occasions they want to share with their following. Fun fact: believe it or not, there aren’t many selfies, or even images of Rae taken by others, on their feed.

Stay tuned for more articles like these showcasing trans talent! Please feel free to share any role models you have (or inspiring Instagram accounts you follow) with us!