Introducing Monica Prata

Women's Style, Male-To-FemaleNatalie Egan
Photo courtesy of the author

Photo courtesy of the author is excited to announce the existence of our monthly advice column ASK MONICA. We invite readers interested in asking questions about high-femme self-presentation to send queries to

Our expert, Monica Prata, is a Feminine Image Consultant for those who are transgender, transitioning or exploring gender fluidity.  You can ask her about anything you’re encountering on your journey—whether you’re wondering about how to come out to your friends, what to wear for the first week of work, how to cultivate more confidence, or even how to tweeze your brows.

Monica’s one-on-one services are so popular because each person’s individual journey is unique, filled with specific challenges, goals, anxieties, interests and more. Right here at, you can ask Monica your most specific and unique questions. Monica will select one to two questions to answer from these queries, which will be published on the site during the third week of each month.

Welcome Monica!