Letter From The Founder

Natalie Egan
Founder Selfie

Founder Selfie

Dear Reader,

I am writing to announce our upcoming transition here at We are very excited about what is to come, and hope to engage you in this excitement. From now on, we will be known as Translator—and you will find us at:

We started in May 2016 to create a well-lit, smartly curated, comprehensive site for the trans community, as well as for those around us – our friends, families and even employers. Behind the scenes of the website, our team has also been working on creating e-learning tools, apps and curricula for schools, businesses and government organizations to better teach gender diversity and to teach it more widely.

Since the election, we’ve been asking ourselves: who are we? What can we do to affect the coming years? What do we have to offer authentically? The answers to these questions are the purpose of this letter.

After much thought and careful analysis, we have decided to focus on working with institutions as our greatest mission, and fold the website into the greater vision of educating as many people as possible in our schools, our workplaces and our government organizations. This means we will primarily be a tech-based education company, creating immersive digital experiences that will help create much greater empathy and understanding towards gender diversity and diverse identities as a whole. This is where we feel the greatest change can happen, and this is what we can uniquely author in the world at this pivotal moment in history. This is our expertise and our calling.

As a start-up, we’ve made a choice of where to put our best efforts and limited resources, but I assure you that we will continue to create the highest quality content for and about and by the trans community. The pace will be slower, and we will no longer be sending a newsletter on a weekly basis; December 20th will be our last. Much of our content, however, will be maintained on our new site, and we will continue to publish and add to this crucial library.

It’s been a pleasure to watch grow. Translator is the next step in our evolution, and we hope you continue with us as we heed  our calling.

Thank you for all of your love, attention, experience and energy.


Natalie Egan
Founder & CEO
Translator LLC