6 Podcasts To Listen To This Thanksgiving Instead Of Your Racist Uncle

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Williams and Robinson (Photo: Amy Pearl / Courtesy WNYC Studios); Image by Rebecca Lieberman

Williams and Robinson (Photo: Amy Pearl / Courtesy WNYC Studios); Image by Rebecca Lieberman

By Johanna Campbell Case

Are you pretty sure that your in-laws, siblings, or parents will discuss how grateful they are to be a part of “Making America Great Again” this Turkey Day?

Is your excitement around eating your grandmother's sweet potato pie being overshadowed by the knowledge that it will be made by a person who believes Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group?

Will seeing a bowl of Cheetos on the snack table elicit sudden rage due to the fact that the orange morsel reminds you of a certain president-elect?

If so, I suggest slipping in your earbuds and serving yourself a heaping portion of humor with a big side of social justice.

Here’s a list of healing and inspiration podcasts that will drown out all the arguments you’ll have and the educating you will being doing on topics like islamophobia, transphobia, sexism, and racism this holiday. Tis’ the season, y’all!

1. “2 Dope Queens

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams will take you to a better, smarter, and funnier place. Skip the pumpkin pie and partake in something hilarious for dessert.  Fill your gut and soul as these two self-proclaimed, “Hamilton of Brooklyn” comedians segway from hair journeys to anal sex. The two will also familiarize you with an amazing line up of stand-up comedians that will, no doubt, take your mind off of that gloating grin on your least favorite cousin’s face.

2. “We Want the Air Waves

When you can no longer take the sound of your cis male family members cheerfully arguing about what constitutes as sexual assault it’s time to call it quits, and indulge in some self-care for a little bit.  I suggest hanging out with Nia King. Let her soothe your heavy heart as she highlights trans and queer people of color on We Want the Airwaves. Daydream about your chosen family and learn a thing or two as she interviews other political queer artists, trans artists, and artists of color about how they make work, prioritize their art and get rent paid “without compromising their values.”

3. “Call Your Girlfriend

When you’re hiding in the garage with a bottle of wine because you needed a break from everyone make sure you fill a glass with two long distance, unapologetic, and feminist besties. Journalist, Ann Friedman, and tech expert, Aminatou Sow, turned their weekly cross country phone calls into a podcast when they “noticed that podcasts were a pretty dude-dominated space” and were like “ How hard can it be?” Let them be your guiding voice when you’ve said your piece on why abortion needs to stay legal.

4. “Woman of the Hour

Lena Dunham has come a long way in terms of her politics and Woman of the Hour showcases intersectional feminist voices from all over the globe. Allow Lena to share some of that privilege shes stored up through this podcast that feels like a privilege to listen to. Laugh and cry from episodes based on stories of friendship, work, love and sex instead of your brother’s Trump-Pence 2016 bumper sticker.  Hang out with her as she tackles some high and low brow shit with a fabulously impressive and intersectional lineup of badass ladies.

5. “The Read

Peel yourself off of the plastic encased furniture in your aunt’s living room with the deeply witty, offhand and entertaining Kid Fury and Crissle. They put on a weekly episode of their “read” of everything from pop-culture to racial issues. Their 2+ hour episodes might even be long enough to outlast your Nana’s speech’s on “Law and Order” (we wish she was talking about the riveting drama instead of a “political strategy”.)

6. “Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Want something to get that bad taste of bigotry disguised as religion out of your mouth? Scrubb that mouth raw with an enlightening episode of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text hosted by Harvard Divinity graduates/humanist chaplains. Take a zen moment and let Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile guide you through each chapter of your favorite childhood book with episode themes like commitment, vulnerability, and white privilege. These two lovingly dissect the Harry Potter books as if they were sacred texts and it might be the only thing that keeps some of us from totally losing our shit on Thanksgiving.




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